International Inter University Photography Exhibition 2008

Published : 3 August 2008, 01:20 PM
Updated : 3 August 2008, 01:20 PM

International Inter University Photography Exhibition (IIUPE) happens to be a most anticipated event for amateur photographers everywhere. It is set to assume the proportions of an international photography competition and exhibition, designed to showcase samples of the best in

Color Landscape 1st Prize, Nadi Abrar Haque Nihal, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

photographic art produced by both professional and emerging artists from around the globe. North South University (NSU) photography club was the pioneer here in

Color Life Style 1st Prize, Ismail Hossain Ferdous, EWU, Bangladesh
establishing the medium for fine photography by amateur photographers, orienting its members through the experience of successfully hosting such a competition. The purpose of organising such events is to encourage and develop quality photographers, simultaneously offering a neutral platform for sharing members' creations as well as a network of professional and amateur photographers galore.

At its inception in 2003, the IIUPE umbrella actively involved two international universities and nine local universities. With the passage of every year, the number of entries received by the organisers of the exhibition swelled as universities have been participating in enhanced numbers since. This year, 13 countries participated with 47 of their universities, presenting 502 photographs of 201 photographers. The NSU photography club boasts organising this event rightfully with dedicated support from its members.

This annual opportunity for national and international photographers to exhibit their work in a fair competition features an award giving ceremony, where each category of photography is appreciated, evaluated and rewarded. This year, a total 35 colour and black and white photographs have been rewarded for their excellence under different categories, viz. landscape, portrait, lifestyle, architecture, action, still life and nature. The photographs were judged by a panel of eminent photographers of Bangladesh. The purpose of awarding the best participants is to highlight their talents and to encourage them to excel in their future work. All the photographs were brilliant works of photographic arts, the judges admitted while sweating through the process of naming the winners.

IIUPE has the potential of flourishing in the future, offering examples of dedicated cultivation of various photographic art forms.

Award Winning Entries

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