Sanjida sumaiya
Published : 10 Sept 2016, 03:06 PM
Updated : 10 Sept 2016, 03:06 PM

The date was 24th August……
Breaking hour of Willis little Flower
As usual the street became thick of, navy blue and white
As usual a blooming flower Risha stepped out

Maybe she ate a plate of Fuchka with her friends,
Maybe she laughed her head off on a silly joke,
Maybe that was the last smile on her lips,
Maybe, who knows?

But one thing for sure is, she was being watched
Watched by dark eyes of evil
Watched by some blood –thirsty animal,

Risha, one of many young girls went up the foot-over bridge
Maybe she was in a group of other girls,
May be she was alone,
Maybe she saw the shiny-pointy tip of knife
Before she got stabbed
Again and again and again!

The world spun around her,
Cutting her from the thread
After that……………
After that a lot of noise
A lot of dark
A lot of blood
A lot of cries
A lot of light!

After that comes the painful 4 days
Risha's world fell around her
Shattered at our feet
Like a colorful velvet
Suddenly faded with a lot of holes
Just like a lamp without light

Her perfect body became a lump of flesh,
Her possessions became memories
The proof that she existed
The story of our blooming flower ends here
But the chapter doesn't

Her story becomes one of many like Tonu's
Written in the book where
The sorrows of girls like her are written.

As usual, the country wakes up,
A new issue for protests and road blocking,
A new case for Bangladesh Police to solve,
A new storm in Media.

Now the questions arise-
Will it be a new injustice to us, girls by the Government?
Will it be a new story of failure of police?
Or can we hope for some ink
In the almost blank book of justice?